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December 31, 2020

  • Multitel-Pagliero MT240EX
  • Multitel-Pagliero MT240EX
  • Multitel-Pagliero MT240EX

MT 240 EX ALUMINIUM PLATFORM: 24 m working height with 16 m outreach in the rear, and 9 m side outreach


With the main goal of looking for a distinctive point in the platform market, Multitel Pagliero emerged in the late 70's. Due to the significant demand for equipment, the Italian company has managed to produce high quality products in a quick and safe way.

True to its philosophy of producing reliable products, easy to use and with a large margin of safety; Multitel has launched the MT 240 EX telescopic platform, this model is the latest addition to the Multitel range of aluminium straight boom telescopic platforms on 3.5 ton chassis cabs. This model extends the existing range which includes models from 14,5 m of working height to 24 m. The MT 240 EX has a generous 250 kg cage capacity. The rear outriggers of the platform remain permanently in the line of the vehicle while the front outriggers can be deployed both in the line of the vehicle, extended on one side only or extended on both sides. Even with the outriggers all in line the platform offers the full 16m of outreach over the rear and a generous 9 m of outreach over the side. With an extended outrigger this over side outreach is increased to 13 m.

There is no doubt that the MT 240 EX platform from Multitel Pagliero has come to the market as an alternative and proposal of the most efficient and innovative, both for its performance and its more technical features.


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