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October 18, 2018

  • New Fassi F115A
  • New Fassi F130A crane
  • New Fassi F130A

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  • New Fassi F115A

The new Fassi cranes include important improvements: + 4% lifting power vs weight reduction


Fassi never ceases to surprise us and continues to present innovations in its range of hydraulic cranes. The Italian company already has more than 50 years of experience in the sector which makes it a reference in the crane industry as a quality company.


On this occasion we present two new models of the light range: the Fassi F115A and F130A. These new models have several improvements in terms of the performance and characteristics of the cranes, which include the increase in lifting capacity and weight reduction. This last characteristic arises faithful to its main challenge as a company: to reduce total weigth in order to save on the fuel consumption of the engine, with the maximum efficiency of the truck.

The Fassi F115A and F130A models have been incorporated into the Fassi light weight range and are the direct substitutes for the older F110A and F120A models. Some of the changes have been the following:

● Increase in performance by 4% in lifting capacity compared to previous models even with their weight reduction.
● Control of the stabilizers by radio remote control or manual control, according to the preference of the user.


The lifting capacity of the F115A is 11.6 tm and the F130A is 12.7 tm. Also, both machines feature the FX500 moment limiter, the D850 distributor for the e-active versions (Hydrocontrol for the active version in the case of the F130A) and have a rotation of 390º with rack and pinion system.


There is no doubt that Fassi always meets its business and objective challenges, and these two new models are a clear example of this. Transgrúas is attentive to the evolution of these two cranes and is clearly committed to innovation and constant improvement that defends the Italian company.


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