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August 28, 2018

  • The Internet of Cranes®
  • The Internet of Cranes®
  • The Internet of Cranes®

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  • The Internet of Cranes®

The connection of the crane to the internet facilitates the constant verification of its status

The Internet has revolutionized many areas of our daily life and, gradually, it has gone into sectors such as education, communication and industry. Nowadays, internet and technology go hand in hand to develop new ways of working that contribute to a constant improvement. In this article, we will explain one of the last Fassi proposals that allows the cranes to have Internet: it is call Internet of Cranes®.

The goals of Fassi have always been to reduce time in all its processes, automate functions and synthesize production costs. Based on this basis, Fassi has paid attention to market demands and their needs. So they have developed a new technological system: IoC (Internet of Cranes®). This innovative system consists that the cranes are connected to the network thanks to an electronic card. This card is connected to the crane through CAN communication with GSM-GPRS module and a server in which all the data that has been transmitted is processed from the crane. It must be said that the functionality of the crane is guaranteed at all times thanks to the remote assistance service seeking maximum operator safety. In this way, Internet of Cranes® has become a very useful tool during working time that takes advantage of the potential of the Internet. The IoC developed by Fassi has great advantages, such as the easier way to update the software, the possibility of remote analysis of the big-data of the machinery and the constant verification of the state of the crane. All of them, focused on solving the most relevant issues in the work processes carried out by the operators of the cranes.

This technological system has already been incorporated into the new Fassi model F600SE.44. This crane has more reach to raise planks in the market, since it has a vertical reach of more than 10 floors and offers a great agility and precision for the work required in quite considerable heights, as well as in urban streets rather narrow. All this, possible thanks to its vertical reach of more than 35 m and a horizontal reach of 30.78 m. There is  no doubt that this model is one of the most technologically advanced, since it integrates the FX901 control system, the FX900 control unit and the ADC (Automatic Dynamics Control), which, together with the Internet of Cranes® system, contributes to monitoring and safety of the crane.

Transgrúas team is convinced that all the features of this new Fassi model will be the perfect allies to provide security for the machinery and the operator, and also to offer an improvement in working conditions thanks to the technological features and contributions provided by the Internet of Cranes® system. Download brochure for full information



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