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August 16, 2018

  • New Multitel MT 162 Hybrid
  • Multitel pagliero

New MT 162 hybrid: a full day of work only using the batteries.

Multitel Pagliero is one of the brands that stand out for its dynamism in the design and manufacture of new platforms, always looking for these to contribute to sustainability, but above all things, that the platforms accomplish the expectations demanded by the lifting and loading market. This time we will talk about the MT 162 Hybrid, the hybrid platform that was presented at the Platform day in Hohenroda.

It is well known that Multitel is one of the pioneer brands in the manufacture of platforms that contribute to sustainability, which they have called "green line generation". Based on this concept, the MT 162 platform has been presented as a hybrid operation platform that has a built-in battery pack. The unit is powered in a conventional manner to travel to site although a second alternator on the vehicle engine recharges the battery pack. 

The operation of the platform has been designed so that it can move in its stabilizers using the PTO (power take off, also called transmission shaft) or batteries on board. This innovative design allows the platform to fulfill a day or full-time of work only using the electric flow batteries and with a single charge. The batteries that have the MT 162 hybrid platform also feed the variable speed electric engine, which at the same time fulfills the function of boosting the hydraulic pump, giving the equipment high efficiency. 


The hybrid platform MT 162 also has a number of technical features that complete its efficient and outstanding electrical performance. Among the most relevant ones, we can emphasize that it has extendible stabilizers in the front and rear that provide the platform the possibility of reaching 16 m working height and 11.5 m reach with a cage load of 230 kg, and also achieve 10 m with a cage load of 300 kg. 


Without a doubt, Multitel Pagliero's MT 162 hybrid platform has arrived at the market as an efficient and innovative proposal and solution, not only for its energy efficiency, but also for the technical possibilities designed and integrated into the equipment.

Transgruas is pleased to be part of these innovations made by our allies, as well as mentioning that this original equipment has been our selection for the participation in the PEM 2018 awards. Our team is constantly working to become one of the main channels for the arrival of technical equipment and sustainable machinery to the Spanish market.



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