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September 26, 2017

  • Aftersales at Transgruas
  • Aftersales at Transgruas
  • Programa de mantenimiento Lifeplus de Transgruas

We continue with our aftersales team in this month of September, in this case we want to explain how your day-to-day life in Transgruas is, and explain the potential problems that can arise in any equipment and some tips to prevent or solve when they occur. The main drawbacks that can arise in any crane or hydraulic equipment are: oil leakage in cylinders caused by wear of joints or impacts on chrome plating, leakage in hydraulic circuit, lack of lubrication, deterioration of components due to oil degradation or dirt in circuit ...
For this not to occur we advise to carry the maintenance and revisions to the day, so we put at your disposal the LIFEPLUS program of integral maintenance: conratando a maintenance are scheduled the interventions, notifying when it is necessary to go through the workshop and special discounts are offered in spare parts, preferential attention in workshop, etc. We also recommend that you always have the user manual at hand and have a clear idea of ​​the operation and condition of the equipment in question.
The use of hydraulic oil and lubricants of quality and recommended by Transgruas, will also help the conservation and performance of the equipment.


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