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August 28, 2017

One of the main problems that we find in the day to day of our technical and commercial departments are the incompatibilities between truck and crane wanted (or bought by mistake). In this post we want to inform about the aspects to take into account for avoiding what can cost time, money and dislikes.


The main aspects to take into account are mass, dimensions and the equipment to be assembled (crane, hooklift, cantilever...). With this data we must consult a specialist and see each of the elements in order not to stay short or spend too much on the truck purchase, which should give a correct service and support the equipment we need for the work to be done.


In the case of already having the truck and being in the choice of the equipment to assemble (we recommend that it is not so, but sometimes we know it is inevitable), we must choose an equipment that adapts to the capacities of the truck. Although the needs are greater, the truck can not be overloaled for safety reasons. You should take into account the characteristics given and consult with the specialist to find the best solution that does not damage the equipment in the long term.


Finally, a fact that we overlooked many times but that can be vital is the resultant payload once the work equipment is assembled. As you know, for some activities it is necessary a good load capacity, and according to the characteristics of the truck and the equipment, this can be seen very reduced. So, that is another concept to take into account when choosing the right truck.


Our technical and commercial departments will be pleased to welcome you or answer your enquiries to help choose the best options! 


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