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August 21, 2017

  • Internet of cranes system by Fassi
  • Internet of cranes system by Fassi

IoC- Another improvement by Fassi


We introduce the Internet of Cranes® project developed by Fassi.  IoC system patented by Fassi manages all of the information available from the functioning of the crane to offer the operator (or the support centre) the advantages of a machine with active intelligent logic while it is in operation.


Fassi introduces its own Internet of Cranes® - IoC technology, which establishes a new standard in the field of digital electronics in which the Italian company has acquired vast experience in research, design and production.
With this new improvement the cranes are at all times under control and in line, without doubt, a further step in the policy of excellence that follows our Italian brand. Here are some of the advantages this system provides:


  • Immediate remote resolution of machine breakdowns
  • Location of the crane in case of theft
  • Optimisation of vehicle movements
  • Improved understanding of the efficiency of the cranes
  • Maintenance planning
  • Access to usage statistics
  • Performance of the crane over time
  • Automation of software updates

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