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June 26, 2017

  • Crane mounting process in Transgrúas
  • Hooklift mounting process in Transgrúas
  • Crane mounting process in Transgrúas

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  • Crane mounting process in Transgrúas

One of the things that we most appreciate in Transgruas is to be able to have feedback and opinion from our customers, exhibition come as the perfect spot for this feedback to be in a relaxed and natural way and SMOPYC exhibition was no less in this regard. We did not seek or ask for it but it came out in several conversations; it is not a new topic for us but maybe we have always had it in the background and today we are going to outlight it ...

We do not want to talk about the brands we represent, nor the latest models, we want to talk about the mounting process as a key activity when choosing a machine. Perhaps it is a part of the buying process of the crane that has not been paid enough attention to until now but it a quality fitting is capital so as not to have problems in the future (another day we will talk about the problems that can cause or causes a bad mounting). Today we will focus on the steps we take when it comes to mounting a machine.
The first thing we do is to know exactly what the customer's needs are, to know the truck, calculate if it will support the work it must undertake and the crane that is planned to be mounted, we do this using softwares that help us 100% not to make a mistake in something important.
Secondly, we verify with the arrival of the truck everything is correct, we have a meeting around the truck with the engineer, the workshop director and the bodywork director to carry out the strategy of the steps to follow: measures, necessary materials, homologations and necessary devices.

These first two steps are the basis and do not spare resources to avoid subsequent problems in the life of the equipment.
Thirdly, we begin with the construction of elements that are part of the equipment such as chassis reinforcement, the electrical and hydraulic connections as well as the fitting of additional stabilizers if required by the characteristics of the equipment.

Once we have the assembled beams we can lower the crane to bodies and assemble the following elements: The floor of the body, front, the sides and the folding rear door, fenders .. In this part we take into account according to requests and previous study where we will put boxes, tools, staircases and other details that we make with the best finishes and looking for the efficiency to benefit our customers.
In the fifth step the time comes to paint according to the brand and corporative colours of our clients and we also do it internally in our paint booth, where we leave it perfectly finished.
Once the crane is in perfect condition we still have two steps such as the homologation of the assembly and delivery with all the paperwork.
In all the steps our priority is the quality of the service that for us is equal to the adaptation of the characteristics of the equipment to the exigencies of the client and for that we work throughout the process.


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