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August 8, 2022

  • Multitel MX250 delivery to Huelva Pinturas
  • Multitel MX250 delivery to Huelva Pinturas
  • Multitel MX250 delivery to Huelva Pinturas

The company from Cádiz has acquired a MX250 aerial platform. 


After the delivery trainning, our client Huelva Pinturas en General has picked up in our Barcelona's facilities its new Multitel Pagliero aerial platform. The company from Cádiz is a specialist in paint and glazing and has decided to increase its fleet with this aerial platform in order to offer a better service to its clients. 


It is a 25m platform, higher than what they offer until now, which will cover perfectly the most demanding jobs. The Multitel Pagliero aerial platform are made of aluminium (except the turret) which make them really light platforms. 


They are all advantages with this new acquisition. As our client explained us, the platform will start working today, once in Cádiz. Is there a better way to iniciate the week??


Thanks for the trust.




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