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July 29, 2022

  • Fassi F455RA.2.26 + JIB delivery
  • Used Hiab 166 delivery
  • Hiab 195-5 Delivery

    + 2

  • Used PK13001 crane delivery to Pamavalles
  • Used Fassi F235AXP.26 delivery

These are the used equipments deliveries of this July. 


We deliver a Fassi F455RA.2.26 from 2018 to a company of construction materials and excavation. The Catalan company has increased its fleet with this complete equipment: an hydraulic heavy range knuckle boom crane with L214 jib and V20 winch + trailer of 5100 x 2550 x 800 x 1750 mm. with three hydraulic laterals per side. 


We continue with another used crane, a Hiab 166 F-3 DUO B with 3 hydraulic extensions and radio remote control. One of our used crane stockland which goes to Teruel!


Also a Hiab, we delivered this 195-5 model to a Barcelona's construction company. This crane has 5 hydraulic extensions, radio remote control, extendible stabilizers and supplementary function for an accessory.


Another used knuckle boom crane delivery, a Palfinger PK13001 delivered to a transport company from Les Franqueses, Barcelona. It is a 4 hydraulic extensions crane, with a Scanreco remote control and hydraulic extendible stabilizers to 6.100mm. The crane has been completed with a body of two aluminium laterals per side, foldable aluminium door too, sheet floor and reinforced sheet front. 


We deliver in our Vitoria's facilities a used Fassi F235AXP.26 knuckle boom crane  to Indarlan, a company located in Vizcaya, dedicated to the fences, dressing rooms and sanitarym odeles rental and sale for cosntructions sites and events. The crane has 6 hydraulic extensions, 6 functions HBC radio remote control and Brevini VR 907 winch. In addition, a fixed body of 6500x2500x600mm. has also been delivered. 




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