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June 23, 2022

  • Galiforest
  • Galiforest
  • Cranab FC8 delivery

    + 4

  • Rajadora CPE Pinosa
  • Rajadora CPE Pinosa
  • Empaquetadora MPS + Procesadora FAM 500 Pinosa
  • New crane CRANAB FC 6 T1800 - TG-FC6-8

Next June 30th and 1st/2nd july we will be in Silleda with our Cranab, LIV and Pinosa equipments


Finallyit it is here: Galiforest will take place at the end of this month and we will be there together with our Pontevedra representative, Hijos de Roberto Fuerte. We will go with our Cranab and LIV forestry and scrap cranes and with our Pinosa firewood proceesors.


You will be able to see our following equipments there:


-Cranab: models FC6 y FC8, specific cranes for tractor or forestry trailer. Both cranes offer a 6.7tn and 8.7tn. capacity respectively and both has an outreach of 9.2m.


-LIV, the L120Z.78, with a load capacity of 12tn. and a 7.8m. outreach. It is a crane designed for short wood load but it is also appropiate for the scrap sector (solid manipulation such as iron, scrap...)



-PINOSA, a CPE1000 compact production center with hight disc edge and mobile split grid, a VCN 16 rotatory axles motorized sieve, a FAM 500 progressive horizontal splitter and a MPS500 small wood packing.



We look forward to see you all in person. We wait for you! Get you free pass here.



Feira Internacional de Galicia ABANCA
Avda. Recinto Feiral S/N.
36540 Silleda - Pontevedra


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