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April 25, 2022

  • MPK10 glass robot delivery
  • MPK10 glass robot delivery
  • MPK10 glass robot delivery

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  • MPK10 glass robot delivery

Yes, you read it well: Transgrúas delivers the first MPK10 of the whole world to Cristalería Reina.


Cristalería Reina is located in Seville, and is a leader company on the glass sector. It offers varied solutions for facades, windows, shop windows, thermal and acoustic isolation or skylights, among others. 


Our client is a company committed with the latest technology, who is always looking for the most innovatives equipments of the sector. Taking this philosofy inot account, we are really proud of this commercial realtionship and what it involves. 


The MPK10 Jekko glass robot is a recent incorporation to the product range. A really interesting new model: it offers 1.000kg load capacity, a total extended arm length of 4.5m. hight and 1.8m horizonta. This robot offers the possibility of working as a pick&carry crane, disassembling the pads and taking the load in movement, as it is homologated with the EN13000 regulation


 with electric rotation too. This manipulator can work with to different surfaces just changing the pads: glass and wrinkled and can make three movements at the same time without loosing power.


It is a really compact and light model, which makes it easy to transport. We want to highlight that this MPK10 model includes two controls: a remote control and a control by cable.



A great adquisition for a great company: Thanks to Cristalería Reina!



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