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March 23, 2022

  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery
  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery
  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery

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  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery

Ripotrans continues to increase its fleet and trusts Transgruas for so.


Another Fassu knuckle boom crane arrives to Ripotrans, in this occasion a Fassi F315RB.2.28. A crane with 8 hidraulic extensions and 1 manual, with continuous rotation and 6 functions Scanreco remote control. In addition, the F315RB.2.28 has the innovative permanent pulleys system (you can see the video with all the details below). Also this crane has the automatic winch control system (AWC), the cabin collision detector (CCD) and the FSC SII stability control. Also, we wanted to specify that this model includes the new decagonal extensions design in order to reduce the crane tare and make the maintenance extension skids easier.



We are really happy to grow together with this big company, and we hope them to enjoy their new adquisition. 



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