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March 17, 2022

  • Fassi F315R2.2.28 delivery
  • Fassi F315R2.2.28 delivery
  • Fassi F315R2.2.28 delivery

The construction company from Madrid trusts Transgrúas and adquires its first Fassi medium range knuckle boom crane.


The company is located in Alcalá de Henare, Madrid, and has extended thought all these years activity from a provincial to an state scope of action as well as diversifying themselves. A great job and experience that have make them grow and achieve the amazing amount of more than 1.700.000m2 among all their story. 


Now they increase their fleet with this Fassi medium range knuckle boom crane, a F315B.2.28: 8 hydraulic extensions and a load capacity of 31.09tn/m. The crane has a 400º rotation, FSC SII stability control, FX500 limiter and the XF, XP and prolink systems. IN addition, it has a 6 funcitons radio remote control. 


This first unit will leave a mark on our client. We wish them much more built m2 with their new crane!



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