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February 23, 2022

  • A Fassi F345RB crane for Bedtrans

Our dealer in the province of Tarragona has mounted the Fassi F345RB crane and made de bodywork on a 3-axle Renault chassis


Another delivery of this crane that was the first to incorporate the decagonal section of the telescopic extension booms: this solution better distributes the forces between the guide shoe and the beam and reduces the thickness of the latter, with a reduction in the crane’s own weight of about 15%. This new solution also allows for the guide shoes to be maintained, without removing the retractable arms and adjusting the side runners.


The Fassi F345RB xe-dynamic crane represents an important innovation in the 33.2 tm crane category. It is a perfect crane for the distribution of construction materials and for all operations that need versatility, compact size and light weight.


Gruas y Trans Bedtans 2008, is a company with a track record in the market since the 1980s with several business divisions in the construction sector, including specialized transport with hydraulic knucle boom truck mounted crane. The chosen Fassi F345RB is configured with 8 hydraulic extensions, and a very complete electrohydraulic equipment that includes ncludes ADC (Automatic Dynamic Control) systems, D850 digital hydraulic distributor, FX500 control unit, RCH/RCS radio control unit as standard (V7RRC optional), FSC (Fassi Stability Control), CPM (Crane Position Monitoring), FS (Flow Sharing), XF (Extra Fast), MPES (Multi Power Extension System), XP (Extra Power) and Prolink (Progressive Link).

Ballestas Reus, Fassi dealer in Reus, has been responsible for the sale, assembly and final bodywork of this crane. Since 1985, its main activity has been dedicated to the sale of truck-mounted cranes, bodies of all kinds, lift gates, hook-lift equipment, and a wide variety of products for transport and construction. 


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