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January 31, 2022

  • Fassi F95A.22
  • Fassi F150A.24
  • Fassi F245A.2.25

    + 2

  • Entrega grúa PK23002 ocasión
  • Entrega grúa PK23002 ocasión

We have a new block of news! Here you will find a summary of the latest used crane that have beed delivered recently.


As you already know, our great used cranes stockland offers a wide variety of load capacities, brands or models of cranes, from where our clients who are looking for used equipments always find the anwser to their needs. Here you have a summary of this month used cranes deliveries:


We delivered in Barcelona a Fassi F95A.22 Fassi knuckle boom crane for Hemranos Uriol Ardanuy, a company dedicated to the dead animals transport in Huesca. Also in our Barcelona's facilities, we delivered a Fassi F150A.24 for Cantara Grup, a construction materials company. 


On the other hand, a Fassi F245A.2.25 have been delivered in our facilities form Vitoria. The client was a construction company from France. 


Recently, we have also delivered a used crane that we have reconditioned and stays as new! It is a 6 hydraulic extensions and 1 manual Palfinger PK23002.


So far this months' summary, do not lose the next one!




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