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November 17, 2021

  • Nueva Maxijib ML 380.4

It offers the possibility of working in really limited areas with great efficiency and accuracy.


The Maxijib ML 380.4 BL with fly Jib has been designed for mounting on vehicles with a max. wheelbase of 1700 mm. The challenge was to maintain the excellent performances of Maxijib ML 380.4 J2S whilst reducing its overall dimensions. To achieve this, the boom has been offset and positioned laterally, thus allowing greater folding and even smaller dimensions in transport position. The narrow outrigger base (1700 mm) is equipped with 45° tilting stabilizing legs, and hydraulically extends up to 3350 mm.

The Maxijib ML 380.4 BL with fly Jib is the ideal tool for those who need to operate in spaces not accessible to other vehicles and crane models, as well as in difficult areas such as small villages, reachable by hairpin bends and steep roads or narrow alleys, and in all those conditions in which small dimensions are not a compromise, rather a need and an asset.

This is a great advance for this specific crane market, which continues to offer great solutions in limited areas for hight precision works. 



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