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August 16, 2021

  • 3S425 De Angelis trailer delivery
  • 3S425 De Angelis trailer delivery
  • 3S425 De Angelis trailer delivery

The special transports company adquires a 42,5 ton. De Angelis.


With more than two decades of experience, Trans J. Jimenez offers road transport at a national level for all kind of machinery: special transport, farming, lifting and public works. A wide service offer which has been increased with this new 3S425 De Angelis semi-low loader. 


This model offers 42,5 ton of load capacity and has a almost 10 m. load bed with double slope, for a progressive machinery load. It has three ROR axles: the first one is liftable, with traction help system (the system alows rising the axle with the vehicle loaded, in order to increase the weight of the fifth wheel and also its traction)  and the third axle is self directional (with 20º/25º turn). Moreover, it has the EMS syste, which includes a remote control in order to do the manoeuvre and realingment og the 3rd axle. With this practical and compact remote control, the last self directional axle can be direct as needed, both forwards and backwards. 



A tailor-made trailer of De Angelis, as usual. ¡A great new member of Trans J. Jimenez family!




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