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June 29, 2021

  • New Fassi F175A.1 crane
  • New Fassi F185A.1 crane
  • New Fassi F185A.1 crane

From October the first cranes of the medium range of Fassi cranes with a connecting rod and designed mainly for use with bucket and rotator will be delivered


This range arises to complete the range of medium-sized cranes for handling loads with hook and hydraulic attachment. These cranes belong to the HC1-HD5 / S2 lifting class (cranes designed for intensive use and tested to work up to 64,000 duty cycles at 100% performance). The objective set by Fassi was to develop a very compact crane model, with a very low weight and with the articulation of the secondary boom equipped with a connecting rod and fork system, which offers its maximum performance in work with hydraulic attachment when requires intensive use of the secondary boom.


In the development of this range, Fassi has focused the objective of developing a very compact crane model with a reduced tare weight, as well as structural design aspects, paying special attention to the ergonomics of the controls and the "housing" of the components to facilitate the use of the crane, a more rational location of the hydraulic and electrical systems and an increase in their protection.


For more information on this range of cranes contact our sales team


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