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June 18, 2021

  • Used HMF 2420 + fixed body
  • Used HMF 2420 + fixed body
  • Used HMF 2420 + fixed body

We deliver a HMF 2420 K5 used crane together with a fixed body 


Grifell Germans is part of the BigMat constructions chain. BigMat Grifell is located in Badalona, Barcelona, and has a great exposition of construction materials and DIY.  


The crane with which they have increased their fleet is a crane of our wide used cranes stockland. As you know, our tests banks offer security to our clients when buying used cranes, as we check and test our used cranes. The chosen knuckle boom crane has a 6 functions radio remote control and two suppplementary functions. 


Regarding the body, it is a fixed one, with two aluminium sides per lateral and sheet rear door. The load front is smooth and reinforced, in order to make the loads safer.


We wish  BigMat Grifell lots of work with their new equipment! 


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