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May 17, 2021

  • Fassi F260BXP.28 delivery to Transportes Aguilar del Valle
  • Fassi F260BXP.28 delivery to Transportes Aguilar del Valle

A used Fassi F260BXP.28 knuckle boom crane for Grúas Aguilar del Valle, SL


Our colleagues from Madrid have done this assembling for the companty of Valls, Tarragona. Grúas Aguilar del Valle, SL is dedicated to crane rental al road transport and has a wide experience in sectors such as construction, cement, chemical or environmental. 


After the advice of our area commercial, Carlos, they chose this used crane, once valued all the options of our knuckle boom crane stockland. It is a crane of 2007, with 8 hydraulic extensions, winch and HBC radio remote control. 


A used crane from which our client will be able to take all the best performance.Thank you Grúas Aguilar del Valle for betting for Transgrúas. 



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