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March 22, 2021

  • Maxilift M500L.3H marine version
  • Maxilift M500L.3H marine version
  • Maxilift M500L.3H marine version

We deliver this Maxilift ML500L.3H to Eduard Esteve Palaus


Our client, who fishes in Girona, nedded a crane for his boat, and our marine Maxilift version was just perfect for covering his needs. The crane has 3 hydraulic extensions and 1 manual, double zip rotation system and 4 fucntions distributor. In addition, it is specially prepared as marine version for working on boats. The crane has all the special treatments on his structure, components and paint (which was personalized as our client required) in order to avoid the deterioration. 


We are grateful to Eduard Esteve for this new commercial relationship. 


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