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March 1, 2021

  • De Angelis 3S480 semi-low loader
  • De Angelis 3S480 semi-low loader
  • De Angelis 3S480 semi-low loader

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  • De Angelis 3S480 semi-low loader

A G-light model, with the most complete equipment of the market. 


We delivered this semi-low loader to Grúas y Transportes Especiales Ramos, SL, which we were excited to. Our client, an important company of the cranes and especial transport sectors located in Papiol, Barcelona, increased its fleet with this new 48ton. load capacity De Angelis semi-low loader.


The 3S480 has a lencgth of 13,5mts., and it is extendible 6mts., so it offers a total length of almost 20mts. Its structure has a central telescopic joist, that makes the extension maneouver agile and safe. Its bede's wide is 2,54mts., and as our client asked, it is covered of a special anti-slip material in order to help the machinery load. Our De Angeli's equipments offer such a wide variety, that we always fins the one perfect for the client. 


It has 3 axles, the first one is raiseable and the last one self-directional and has de EMS system (Easy Maneuvering System). This system ease the maneouver, making possible the blockof the axle and its activation from the remote control. This optimizes the axle turn. This model also has a differentiated pace between the 2nd and 3rd axle, which allows a better maneouvering and load distribution. In the other hand, it has a longer neck, designed for the longer trucks, and reinforced. This model has ahydraulic ramps of 4x0,8mts, with wood floor.


We are really graeful to Grúas y Transportes Especiales Ramos, SL for trusting in Transgrúas!  




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