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February 9, 2021

  • Fassi F1150RA.2.28 + Basket + Removable body
  • Fassi F1150RA.2.28 + Basket + Removable body
  • Fassi F1150RA.2.28 + Basket + Removable body

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  • Fassi F1150RA.2.28 + Basket + Removable body
  • Fassi F1150RA.2.28 basket
  • Fassi F1150RA.2.28 + Basket + Removable body
  • Fassi F1150RA.2.28 + Basket + Removable body

A totally innovative equipment: A Fassi F1150RA.2.28 knuckle book crane, with basket and jib + removable body, with self-carrying chasis. 


As we revealed last year, we have been working in this special assembling for Grues Pallí. Our client is a pioneer company on the elevation, load manipulation and special transport services: they are specialists in ship transport, transport and unloading on water. They began their carrer on the 60's, and have been evolving and increasing their market year after year, until becoming the actual company, with a wide service variety and leader on the sector. 


The adquired equipment is a really well thought-out one, a heavy range knuckle boom crane, with 8 hydraulic extensions and a L616 (with 6 hydraulic extensions and 3 manual), extra extendible stabilizers to 8.850mm. rotating, also with front stabilizers on cabin and V7 Scanreco remote control with 8 functions and colour display. This crane has FSC-H stability control and V30 winch, in addition, it also has the most advanced control divices:  automatic winch control (AWC), automatic crane folding  (ACF) and cabin collision detector (CCD).


The basket is made in alluminium, for 3 people, with a total capacity of 300kg., manually rotating, with load limiter and inclination control. 


The body is a tailor-made removable model, with 3 aluminium sides per lateral and a custum-made tools box.


With respect to the body, the set offers three working modalities: truck mounted crane (a standard assembling); on the other hand, we can leave  the crane on the floor, working on its self-carrying chasis, and its independent generator, the idea is to leave the crane placed and make it work independently. With this system, the crane will be able to work at 10 mts. from the vehicle and 50 mts. from the generator; and last but not least, it offers the possibility to work on the vehicle, when it is turned off, using the generator. This last option is perfect when working in interior areas, where turning on the truck is not allowed. With this independent systems, the maximum load capacity adquired without the vehicle is 80 %.



We are really proud of the result of this project, consientiously done and totally adapted to our client Grues Palli needs. They will take a maximum advantage of the performance of this versatile equipment.




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