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January 12, 2021

  • Multitel MJE250 aerial platform
  • Multitel MJE250 aerial platform
  • Multitel MJE250 aerial platform

We present the MJE250, a new model of 24,7mts. of working height, and an outreach of 17,2mts. 


The latest novelty of Multitel Pagliero brings us a new platfom with countless improvements, now we talk you about he main ones: 


The layout has been optimized in order to reduce the overall size of the platform. It has a new jib system, with an articulation of 180º. Also it hsa a new aluminium basket with a new leveling articulation and a new electric rotation, as well as a new basket support, which makes the access much easier. The new model also has a new arm. In addition, some improvements have been done in the chasis: a new aluminium rear beam located 40cm inside; a large free flatbed area; and a new command box.


Lastly, the control functions have been also improved: a telemetry system is available, with a remote diagnosis; a new speed control system, keeps the speed of the cage by regulating the speed of the boom and the jib; a new limiting outreach function, which offers a chasis inclination of 3º.



A great brand with a new great product: a reliable success!



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