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November 2, 2020

  • Carmo new factory at Fassi
  • Carmo new factory at Fassi
  • Carmo new factory at Fassi

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  • Carmo new factory at Fassi

Fassi is growing as a network and a group not only in the world, but also if the territory where it was founded: the Bergamo area, where nowadays 5 out of its 6 Italian-based companies are located


Carmo is a Fassi Group company founded in 1975 and specialises in the production of medium-light cranes and in mechanical and metal work production. The production area was doubled in 1996 with the addition of 6,000 square metres. Today, a new 17,000 square-metre production plant joins Carmo, which houses machinery that mostly has automatised innovative technology that perfectly complies with 4.0 production systems. In fact, half of this €20 million investment was allocated for new machinery. Machining centres, laser cutting machines and welding robots now complete the group’s new factory. 


As a result, Fassi is even more oriented towards the evolution of production processes, achieved by connecting the plants and managing production in a more flexible way.


This is an essential activity, given that Fassi internally produces 90% of the 45 families of cranes. The cranes are globally available in 50,000 different versions, each of them composed of many parts and specific and differentiable components.


The expansion of the Carmo plant by an additional 17,000 square meters has allowed Fassi to digitize and make production faster and more flexible, with machinery that includes automated technology, machining centers, laser cutting machines and welding robots.


In the words of Giovanni Fassi, "It has not only been a modernization work, but also an operation that will entail an evolution of production processes. Digitization will help us to optimize production flows and, in this way, to increase our capacity. productive while maintaining the same workforce. "


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