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October 27, 2020

  • Maxiliift crane on UTV vehicle
  • Maxiliift crane on UTV vehicle
  • Maxiliift crane on UTV vehicle

Mounting a Maxilift ML110 crane on a UTV type vehicle "side by side"


We love the challenges and different proposals that our customers put forward as a result of their needs: on this occasion, the need arose to adapt a crane to a UTV (utility task vehicle) vehicle, specifically a CORVUS vehicle, the main European manufacturer of this type. vehicular.


The challenge lies in the dimensions and weight of the vehicle, since a UTV comes to be an all-terrain utility quad. It is similar to a quad, but instead of a handlebar it has a steering wheel and is heavier. Our cranes are mostly mounted on vehicles over 3,500 Kg. But Maxilift cranes, manufactured by Next Hydraulics, offer an interesting range of single-arm cranes that are lighter than articulated cranes and allow mounting on light commercial vehicles. but also on trailers, tricycles and different vehicles. In this range we paid attention, looking for the most suitable model for Corvus to be able to mount on its Terrain DX4.


You can see the result in the photos: mounting of the ML110.3 crane behind the Corvus cabin, a very versatile unit, with 4x4 traction and accessible to a wide variety of terrain conditions. The crane has an outreach of 3.73 m. and load 250 Kg. in tip. Sufficient for the needs of the end user who is dedicated to the organization and promotion of special events, especially in the sports field.


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