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September 25, 2020

  • Delivery of Fassi F110B.2.23 crane
  • Delivery of Fassi F110B.2.23 crane
  • Delivery of Fassi F110B.2.23 crane

Light weight range Fassi crane F110B with a special body for transport of volume


This is one of the last deliveries of this month of September: I know of an Iveco truck to which we have fitted a Fassi F110B.2.23 e-dynamic articulated hydraulic crane, with 3 hydraulic extensions, Danfoss D850 distributor and Scanreco radio control. We have completed the truck with the manufacture of a fixed body measuring 7500x2500x700mm. It is a body with exceptionally high sides, 0,7 m., Because the work that will be done with this truck is the transport of plastic pipes for underground pipelines, it is light but long material: with this body many pipes can be stacked and be within the allowed weight.


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