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September 8, 2020

  • Delivery of DeAngelis 3 axle trailer
  • Delivery of DeAngelis 3 axle trailer
  • Delivery of DeAngelis 3 axle trailer

Semitrailer of G-Light range: super light and with a differentiated size between the 2nd and 3rd axle that allows greater maneuverability


With the incorporation of this trailer to the fleet, Grúas y Transportes Venteo will have a greater capacity to carry out special transport work, something in which the company has been growing in recent months. With a history in the lifting and transport market of almost 40 years, Venteo offers a wide range of crane and transport services throughout the peninsula, Andalusia being its largest area of ​​influence. The acquired De Angelis semi-trailer has a load capacity of 48 tons and a length of 13.75 with an additional 4 m extension. It is equipped with double hydraulic ramps 4 mx 0.80 wide and belongs to the G-Light range: a project developed with the aim of reducing tare by 15%, and thus achieving a higher payload, lower fuel consumption and tire wear.


This semi-trailer also incorporates EMS technology: electronic maneuvering system that facilitates maneuvering of the last self-steering axle at low speed (up to 7 km / h) in both directions. This economical and lightweight solution makes the driver's job easier.


Our best wishes to continue with his line of growth and a job well done to Juan Venteo.


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