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April 29, 2020

  • Fassi F155A.0.24 + body delivery
  • Fassi F155A.0.24 + body delivery
  • Fassi F155A.0.24 + body delivery

We deliver in our Barcelona's facilities a complete equipment: a Fassi F155A.0.24 knuckle boom crane + an open body. 


Our loyal clietn Procar, S.A., a GAMMA construction materials chain, located in Barcelona, has decided to increase its fleet, and once more, he has opted for two Fassi cranes. We deliver in this occasion the bigger one, a Fassi F155A.0.24, and we are now finishing the assembling of the second one. 


It is a crane with 14,48 Tn/mt load capacity, a HD4/S2 elevation class, 8ton. spining hook, 390º rotation, hydraulic extra extendible stabilizers to 5.855mm., ball joint support plate, bilateral crane controls, FX500 electronic limiter, hidrocontrol distributor, graphic display, M.O.L, principal arm horizontal position indicator, digital rotation control and FSC H stability control. 


Regarding the body, it is an open box of 4300x2550x800mm, with aluminium laterals, rear iron door and sheet floor. 


We are grateful for Procar SA loyalty, and we wish them many succeses!




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