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April 6, 2020

  • hydraulic accessories specialist in Transgruas

Juan Diego, our accessories specialist is at the service of dealers and clients to advise on the most suitable accessory for each equipment according to the need for use


Our portfolio of hydraulic accessories is extensive and continues to grow. Truck cranes as other types of crane can incorporate a wide variety of hydraulic accessories: from pallet carriers, to baskets for people, octopuses to handle iron or wood. etc. But also they can incorporate diverse accessories the minicranes on crawlers (glass manipulators for example), or cantilevers, semi-trailers, etc.


At Transgruas we have a specialist in this area who has been with us for over 20 years and specializes in hydraulic accessories, so we can boast of having leading brands in each product range and a great professional to advise the client on the more suited to your job expectations. In the words of Juan D: "when a client searches for any type of accessory, one of the very important points is to advise them that the one they are going to use complies with the requirements and characteristics that carry out their work correctly, without risks of both safety and operation of the entire team. Our intention is to always keep you informed of all the available options that may meet your needs, thus making the job faster and more comfortable depending on each application. "


Currently there is a wide range of accessories on the market, with a wide variety of prices and features. All have their public and scope, so it is essential to know in depth what is going to be purchased and to fulfill the purpose of the work that one should carry out. Hence, at Transgrúas we experience it as a customer service, not just as another sales product.


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