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March 23, 2020

  • 60th aniversary Cranab
  • New crane CRANAB TL12.2 + Cabin
  • Cranab CR 280 grab for crane

Founded in 1960 by brothers Allan & Rune Jonsson, today Cranab is the world's leading manufacturer of log grapples, forestry crane and a wide range of forestry machinery


It all started in the fall of 1960 when Rune Jonsson saw the parts of a forestry crane that a cousin had bought and needed help mounting it on his tractor. Rune and Allan already understood that this type of machine was already expired and that hydraulics was the future.


They started producing cranes without an established design, drawing the crane with chalk on the floor of their workshop in the Umea area, a region located in northern Sweden. The first crane was delivered in the late 1960s to a customer in Hörnsjö and consisted of a straight boom that was raised by a hydraulic cylinder and a chain that supported the timber. Each crane was built according to customer needs and the cranes were custom made.


Over the years, the products have been developed, and many stakeholders have been interested in acquiring Cranab, but the structure has always remained the same and this is also one of the success factors in which Cranab has existed for 60 years. years. In the words of Micael Olsson, Marketing Director for the On-Road area within Cranab: "In our industry, it is unique that a brand has lived for so long, but that our core has never changed. From the beginning, we have invested in quality, knowledge, development and, through the years, we have accumulated an enormous experience through our employees ". In addition, we have loyal customers and users around the world who love us and our products. "


When the mechanization of the forestry industry arrived, Cranab was already working on it and that is why it has always been a leader in its sector, it being natural to expand the range of products and resume investment in a program of truck cranes and clamps adapted for forestry. , recycling and transportation, a few years ago.


In 2005, Cranab acquired the Slagkraft specific road clearance machines factory, which are used to clean ditches, slopes and edges, from narrow roads to highways.


Future of Cranab products: According to company CEO Anders Strömgren, "Cranab's bottom line has always been cranes and related equipment, and that is our goal for the future as well. We are constantly working and determined to develop our products to be able to supply the forestry machines and trucks of the future and offer a complete range. That suits the professional market and the needs of our customers. This also applies to Slagkraft, which is a leader in road cleaning technology. "


During 2020, various anniversary activities will be organized, for example, customer meetings, fairs, a family day for employees and in marketing with, among other things, a 60-year-old logo.


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