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March 17, 2020

  • Fassi Micro M30A.13 delivery
  • Fassi Micro M30A.13 delivery
  • Fassi Micro M30A.13 delivery

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  • Fassi Micro M30A.13 delivery

Carrocerías Francisco Hijos SL. makes a great job and delivers to Alibaz this small range crane. 


Alibaz Construcción is a hight quality construction company,. located in Calviá, Palma de Mallorca, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Whe needed to increase its fleet, they went to our representative in the area, Carrocerías Francisco, who adviced them splendidly and together they decided to assemble a Fassi Micro F30A.12 knuckle boom crane with a tipper body of measures 2650x1900x400mm.



It is a Fassi small range crane, hydraulic version, with a loac capacity of 3.06tn/m, 3.2tn. rotating hook, and 325º rotation. It is a crane with two stabilizers, 15lt. oil tank and filter, unilateral controls, hydrocontrol distributor, M.O.L, principal arm horizontal position indicator, and 12V electrical implant. This unit has 3 hydraulic extensions. 


For the last touch, and always atending our clients needs, the knuckle boom crane has been customized with Alibaz corporative color. We are pleased to take care of all the details!


We thank Carrocerías Francisco all the job done, and also Alibaz Construcción for their trust in Fassi. 



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