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July 22, 2019

  • Grúa F1650RAL.2.28 entregada a RIPOTRANS
  • Grúa F1650RAL.2.28 entregada a RIPOTRANS
  • Grúa F1650RAL.2.28 entregada a RIPOTRANS

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  • Cesta Fassi F1650RAL.2.28 RIPOTRANS

We deliver a Fassi F1650RAL.2.28: 130 ton loading capacity and 45 mts. reach at their disposition with parsonnel basket.


RIPOTRANS, the important company of transport and cranes of Lliiçà d'Amunt, loyal Transgruas' client, has adquired this equipment with havy range Fassi crane: F1650RAL.2.28, one of the most poweful and complete of the range. 


It is a 8 extemsions knuckle boom crane, L version (large). This version L has a chasis perpendicular folding, making both the secondary arm and the jib longer, offering a height of 45m., perfect for working wiht a personnel basket. The jib is a L616 and the winch a V40 with automatic control, both for the crane and the jib. Moreover, the knuckle boom crane has a 8 functions Scanreco maxi remote control, FSC SII stability control, automatic crane folding. The crane has the homologation for the personnel basket: iron model, with 270º rotation and capacity for 200 Kg., 2 people. In addition, the equipment has been complete with a tailor-made body which will fulfill all client's needs. 


All these, assemblen on a 4 axles truck with 8 stabilizers which made it completely stable.  


We continue to accompany our client RIPOTRANS on its great carrer, and hope to continue doing it in the future success!





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