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  • Fassi F425AXP.28 used crane
  • Fassi F275A.2.26 used crane
  • Fassi F420CXP.25 used crane
  • Delivery of De Angelis used trailer

    + 5

  • Fassi F240B.24 used crane
  • Fassi F240B.24 used crane
  • Delivery of De Angelis used trailer
  • PK36002 used crane delivered to Grúas Vallarín
  • Palfinger PK 22002EH used crane

February 25, 2022


In the past month we have delivered 6 used cranes, 4 Fassi & 2 Palfinger brand, and a De Angelis trailer. Here we explain in detail


The first used crane delivered this month was a Fassi 420/450ACXP, owned by F.Herrero, whom works in transport and handling of machinery, which we have mounted on a new 4-axle MAN chassis and we have made a bodywork to required size.


We continue whith the delivery of a Fassi F425AXP.28 crane, equipped with 8 hydraulic extensions, radio remote control, hydraulic extension + rear stabilizers. The crane, from 2007, has been revised and painted and we have completed the work by builidng a tailor made body. All this on a spectacular 3-axle MAN truck for Jorge Rodriguez.


The next delivery was a Fassi F240B.24 crane from 2008 to Pubill Port, dedicated to transporting all kinds of goods, with a varied fleet of vehicles and trailers. In this case we mounted the crane on a 2-axle truck owned by the customer, equipping the crane with a radio remote control and mounting extra-extensible and hydraulically rotating stabilizers. The crane belongs to the range of cranes with a load capacity of 24 tn/m.


Recent delivery of the mid-range crane, Fassi F275A.2.26 model with jib for MATERIALS PLEGAMANS SL, a company specializing in the sale and distribution of construction materials, offering personalized delivery services, thanks to its fleet of vehicles, including which now has this spectacular Fassi crane that belongs to the category of 25 tn/m cranes that, with the jib mounted, reaches more than 23 m.


We have also completed the assembly of a used Palfinger PK 22002 EH crane from 2010 with a body consisting of a flat platform without sides, painted in the customer's corporate colour.


Another used Palfinger crane delivered is the PK36002 mounted in Transgruas Vitoria for, Grúas Vallarín a company specialized in the rental of crane trucks, since it has been dedicated to this service and others related to cranes in Logroño and the province for many years.


Pintulac, a company dedicated to the rental of all types of construction machinery, has acquired a De Angelis trailer with 3 axles and a load capacity of 42.5 tons. The trailer has a bed length of 10,050 mm.


If you want to see all the deliveries of the month click on this link: 

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