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  • New articulated crawler crane JF990
  • New articulated crawler crane JF990
  • New articulated crawler crane JF990
  • Counterweight on articulated crawler crane JF990

January 27, 2020


After the successful JF365, Jekko nevers stops and now launches to the market a new, more performing model and offers superior lifting capacity still within the overall dimensions of a “non-oversized” transport


The range of Jekko articulated crawler cranes continues to grow: not so much in terms of size as in performance, capacity and innovation. With the JF545 and JF365 models already consolidated, Jekko wanted to raise the bar by transferring all the features of the Fassi F990 crane to a crawler crane. That’s how the JF990 has been developed: “a winning bet” as declared by Alberto Franceschini, Export Sales Manager Jekko.


In the words of the manufacturer, Jekko:


"It’s a real evolution of the species where the traditionally compact dimensions (6,75 x 2,14 x 3,45 metres – 265 ¾ x 122 ½ x 84 ¼ ) combine with increased extension capacity (up to 41 metres – 134 ft), very elevated lifting capacity (max 21.500 kg – 47.400 lb) and advantages in transport.


We’ve won the first part of the bet – explains Mr Franceschini – which consisted in investing in an innovative product still not present on the market. We’ve developed a new machine, a stabilized crane truck on tracks that operates as if it was a minicrane. We’ve merged the experience deriving from the JF545 and the JF365 and have therefore responded to the market requirements for more performing yet compact-size machines. 


If compared to the dimensions of a truck, the JF990 remains a mini-crane. Compact, with variable stabilization and the possibility of working with both diesel and a three-phase electric motor. And, above all, capable of reaching a height of 41 m (with a hydraulic boom and three manual extensions), and 38 m with the operator's basket, working in spaces that the truck cannot access."




  • Wide accessibility in confined spaces: the Jekko can access spaces where a tower crane or a large crane cannot enter by dimensions.
  • Many applications: you can work horizontally, vertically, with hydraulic jib, with which it reaches up to 38 m high, you can attach an personnel basket for 1-2 people, glass manipulator ...
  • Various combinations of stabilization = infinite load possibilities.
  • Two counterweight options: standard (2.1 tn) or exceptional (3 tn). Depending on the counterweight, the stabilization footprint will be higher or lower.
  • "Non-exceptional" transport: the crane without counterweight can be carried on a truck without entering the exceptional transport category.
  • Engine: both electric and diesel.
  • One crane / one operator: thanks to the radio remote control, the operator can perform all operations with total autonomy: starting/stopping, crane operations, stabilization, jib or counterweight installation can be carried out by the operator all by himself.
  • In summary, the competitive advantage of this model lies in the great versatility of use and applications that can be executed with this crane. 

Contact our sales team for more information on this crane, by phone at +34938498388 or by email clicking here

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