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  • New Fassi crane F31R5B
  • New Fassi F175A.1 crane
  • fassi f1450 2
  • MPK10 glass manipulator

    + 5

  • Multitel MJE250 aerial platform
  • Lithium ions battery
  • Lithium ions battery
  • Nueva Maxijib ML 380.4
  • CRANAB TZ18.2

December 30, 2021


We finish a year with a lot of novelties and commercial improvements, here you have a little summary of them  


Fassi, Jekko, Maxilift, Multitel Pagliero... many of our dealers have introduced novelties and improvements during this 2021, and now we are finishing the year, we do think it is a good mo ment for a summary.



  • FASSI: there have been many novelties on this 2021, both crane models and technology. Our dealer is in constant evolution, looking for innovative improvements and higher performance models. These are the most important innovations.

New continuous rotation models.

These are the new continuous rotation models: F235RA.2, F255RA.2, F275RA.2 y F305RA.2. These new models came from the zip rotation versions. Some of the improvements on these models are: 4 fixing braces, new protection frameworks on the base and side path for flexible pipes between column and main arm. This is an important increase of the continuous rotation model offer which completes the range.



New x design decagonal sections models. 


Other models which were launched during 2021 were the F315B y F315RB, which incorporate the last Fassi technology, decagonal sections and foldable pulleys. This new technology, to which Fassi dedicated so many efforts, entails a reduction in arm's weight. This fact allowed an increase on the load capacity comparing with the old models (F315A.2 & F315RA.2) maintaining the same dynamic characteristics. 



New 1 connecting rod models.

The year drawed on and Fassi continued to launch new models. Now was the turn of the 1 connecting rod models: F175A.1, F185A.1 y F195A.1. The main use of these cranes is with grapple and rotator. They are a really compact models, with a very reduced own weight and a second arm articulation with connecting rod and fork that offer the maximum features when working with hydraulic accessory.  


Smart Hybrid Technology.

During the GIS fair, on last October, this new technology was presented: SHT: Smart Hybrid Technology. This new system allows to work fully electric to a wide range of crane models, from micro cranes to those with a lifting capacity of 40 tm. With this novelty, the crane works with the truck's engine off, thank to its own electric engine, powered by batteries. These batteries, warranty a 80% of the daily demand on a fully electric mode.



Last but not least, the main 2021 novelty: Fassi F1450R-HXP TECHNO. This new model offers a lot of advantages: the decagonal sections, an advanced digital control system, an increase on the dynamic working speed control, the new screen interface, an optimal relation weight-power or the foldable winch pulleys. Another important novelty is the new stability control FSC-SIII system. merging of the performance of both FSC-H and FSC-SII. Again, on the subject of stability, another interesting feature is the stabilisation command system via radio controller, which has two operating modes: with a single lever, a new feature, or with a double lever. This model is a great novelty which is shaking up the market, and is promising fot next year 2022.


  • JEKKO, MPK10. We continue with the Jekko novelties, who launched the MPK10 glass manipultor this 2021.This new equipment offers a load capacity of 1.000 kg. It is a verstile equipment, so it offers a perfect solution fot both glass works (with manipulator) and pick & carry (without manipulator).

The Jekko cranes are having a great acceptance in the market, with an important increase on sales in Spain, we are growing stronger as a reference brand for these cranes, with more than 20 sold units in 2021, we expect an increase on sales for next year too.  


  • Multitel Pagliero, MJE250 has also been newness. In 2021 the new MJE250 aerial platform was lauched. The new telescopic platform for trucks up to 3.5ton. offers a working height of 24.7m., and a lateral outreach of 16.5m. It also has a basket load of 100 kg. and 250kg. on 12.5m outreach. The most important innovation of this model is the possibility of working on a negative -3.5m.

After seeing the great 2021 evolution on sales, and taking into account the importance of offering inmediate delivery equipments, we have a 2022 stock forecast of more than 10 diferent models units.


  • Cranab: Our forestry and scrap cranes has also novelties: they have lauched the TZ18.2, a really complete crane that offers double zip turn, 2 supplementy functions inside the extension, seat on column with 2
    levers and 2 pedals. 2 hydraulic extension, 2 LED working lights on seat and 2 more on secondary arm.
  • Maxilift: We do have also novelties of Maxilift. Our telescopic cranes continues with their increasing line of sales, and with the 2021 novelties presented we await for a better 2022.


Ion lythium batteries

In first place we have the new ion lythium batteries. These bateries are made of an electro-hydraulic complete kit, which can be used with all vehicles. The crane, the 24v electrovalve and the Li 24v battery are connected and are totally independent from the electris system of the vehicle. With this battery use, the benefits are many: you can work all day without draining the battery. The recharge can be done at night, in an easy and fast way with the universal charger included in the kit. And last, it offers a higher useful lilfe for the electric and electronic components of the vehicle and a hight energy performance (up to 7 years of useful life)


Maxijib ML380.4 BL with Fly Jib

The other important incorporation of Maxilift has been the Maxijib ML380.4 BL with Fly Jib. With a load capacity of more than 3tn., it is a great crane for assembling on maximum between axles distance vehicles if 1.700mm. It is perfect for working on limited areas with great outreach, as it offers almost 9m (4+2 extensions: crane +jib).



A year full of novelties and improvements which our clients are already enjoying. We await excited for the 2022.


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