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  • Multitel MX250 aerial wrok platform
  • Multitel MX250 Aerial platform + IVECO

July 22, 2022


A comparative in detail of these two aerial platforms of 25m.


The Multitel Pagliero aerial platforms range is really complete, with models from 16m. (less than 3.5ton. trucks) up to 70m. (more than 3.5ton. trucks). Today we talk in detail about these two: the MX250 and the MZ250. Both are 25m. working height platforms, but we talk about the differences. 



    Entrega Multitel Pagliero MX250      MULTITEL MZ250+IVECO 35S14H E6E - REF. CE-2100977



Let's talk about the MX250. It offers a 25.3m working height and a maximum horizontal outreach of 12.2m. with a basket load of 80kg. and 250kg. at 8.2m. It has a turret rotation of 400º and the personnel basket is selfleveling, of 1.4x0.7m dimensions and 90º+90º spin.



    Digrama de carga Multitel MX250      Diagrama de cargas Multitel MX250


     Entrega de Multitel Pagliero MX250     Plataforma elevadora Pagliero MX 250 en Galicia



On the other hand, the MZ250 offers 25.1m of working height and a maximum horizontal outreach of 14.3m with basket load of 80kg. and 250kg. at 10.35m. It also offers a 400º turret rotation and the basket is selfleveling of 1,40 x 0,70 m and has a 90º+90º spin. As most interesting feature os this model, we must say that it allows to work in -2.5m in negative. 



    Diagrama de carga Multitel MZ250      Diagrama de carga Multitel MZ250


     MULTITEL MZ250+IVECO 35S14H E6E - REF. CE-2100977      Plataforma aérea Multitel MZ250 trabajando en negativo



Two really interesting models, from which we will have stock soon! Come and see them!




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