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April 21, 2021

  • Jekko SPX532 delivery to Gruas El Noni
  • Jekko SPX532 delivery to Gruas El Noni
  • Jekko SPX532 delivery to Gruas El Noni

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  • Jekko SPX532 delivery to Gruas El Noni

Grúas el Noni adquires a 3,2 tn minicrane


The company, located in Navalcarnero, transports big components and industrial machinery, and offers also construction and height works services. They needed a powerful minicrane which allows them access to the most complicated work places, those where a truck mounted crane cannot access, and the chose this SPX532 Jekko minicrane: it offers a great load capacity and access to the most demanding work places, thanks to its compact dimensions (3120 x 770 x 1950 mm).



The Jekko SPX532 minicrane has 2 hydraulic extensions and 2 double chains, 3 hydraulic extensions jib, runner jib 1200GX, 800kg. winch, remote control with display and hook. In addition, it has 360º contiinuous spin and load limiter, stabilizers control and stabilizer pads, low marking white tracks and black tracks, and double and triple pulley. 


A complete minicrane, perfect for Grúas El Noni and its great service variety!




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