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In a market like that of today, in which the product offering is very broad, it is essential to have top-of-the-line products, both in terms of design and technology, adapted to the demands of the users. But there is another factor even more important, that an excellent post-sale service be offered for these products. That is the true challenge for Transgruas: It's not longer about selling machines, it's about guaranteeing their perfect operation, anywhere in the country.


Our post-sales department has as its goal to guarantee in-depth technical knowledge for each piece of equipment sold, and to resolve any breakdown or technical problem in the way most advantageous for the end user. To this effect, the department is equipped with a team of professionals, offering telephone assistance to both our network of official distributors and to our clients. In addition, they are in charge of preparing technical bulletins and giving technical hydraulics and electronics courses to ensure proper maintenance and repair of the equipment.


That being said, it remains that the best guarantee for the proper functioning and long life of any piece of equipment requires that the maintenance advice be followed, as directed by the manufacturer, which are detailed in the users and maintenance manuals that we deliver with each piece of equipment.


To find out which shop is closed to you, check our network at official services.


To contact the Post-Sales Department, fill out the following contact form:


Post-Sale Hours



By phone


+34 938 498 388

From monday to friday

(8 a 13:30 - 15 a 18:30)

Direct to David Polo
+34 663 947 739
Direct to Miguel Mellado
+34 663 947 740
+34 670 244 167
Por email


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