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Quality Policy

TRANSGRUAS is an efficient and competitive company, committed to offering the best quality products and excellent customer service, in order to maintain its profitability.


The Management, conscious of the importance of full customer satisfaction works to develop and uphold this QUALITY POLICY, pursuant to the following directives:

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  • The organization will  fulfill the needs of each customer by providing the best solutions in each case and offer them a friendly and helpful service at all times.
  • The team will maintain continuous contact with its customers in order to identify and discuss their needs, which will serve as a basis for continuous improvement of the companay's services.
  • Fulfillment of the delivery dates of the machines, as well a the mounting period estimated.
  • Care and supervision of the products at all stages of handling.
  • Quick resolution of any incident that may arise.
  • Appropriate maintenance of the company's facilities and equipment of the production department.
  • The Management will work to provide the technical, economic and human resources needed to achieve constant improvement in the quality of its products.
TRANSGRUAS'  management team will define annual measurable objectives in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of our customers. These objectives and this Quality Policy will be reviewed and updated periodically to meet the needs of the moment.


The company's management recognizes that to achieve these objectives is essential the participation and collaboration of all people within the company. It also is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the activities related to quality, and for this reason, delegates to the Quality Manager functions to manage and oversee the definition and implementation of the Quality Management System.