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SNORKEL Aerial work platforms

Transgruas markets the SNORKEL brand of self-propelled lift platforms, including an extensive line of machines ranging from 4 to 40 mts. in height, including:



* passenger lifts

* scissor lifts, electric and diesel versions.

* articulated and telescopic boom lifts, electric and diesel versions.

* trailer boom lifts



Recently two firms that had been competitors merged: UP RIGHT and SNORKEL, and we are in the process of merging the two lines, taking the best of each model with an aim to building a highly competitive and very broad line covering all of the different demands of the market.


The existence of a single brand ensure that a clear and simple message is conveyed to Snorkel's growing global client base. As part of this process, Snorkel has assigned new model names to its product range around the world.  


Although the UpRight name will no longer be used to market aerial platforms, Snorkel will continue to offer technical support for all existing Upright machines.


According to the executive director of the new group, "UpRight is proud of its history,and we will continue to honor that history."


“From now on, Snorkel represents the fundamental values of both companies: a global, client-centered organization that builds robust, reliable machines that are ease to operate and easy to maintain"


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