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TAJFUN LIV Forestry and Scrap Cranes




Transgrúas sells scrap/forestry cranes manufactured by TAJFUN LIV in Slovenia from a wide range, classified as follows:


* COLLAPSIBLE CRANES (SERIES P and Z): need minimum space for assembly and offer excellent features. With models from 6 tons of lift power up to 25 tons. They are short boom cranes (6.2 to 9.5 m) and have load capacity of between 65 kNm and 240 kNm, with single extension or double simultaneous extension.


* NON-COLLAPSIBLE CRANES (SERIES K and KDT): line of cranes collapsible longitudinally over the load. They include a power crank between the primary and secondary booms, which allows for an increase in the lift time when in horizontal position. Cranes with load capacity of between 90 kNm and 260 kNm. Suitable for mounting on trucks or stationary in recycling plants.






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