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FRANCE ELEVATEUR van mounted platforms

Transgrúas sells the French brand of van-mounted aerial platforms, FRANCE ELEVATEUR. We have the following models: 11, 12.5 and 14.5 m work height.


FE van-mounted models:


* 111F: platform with work height of 11.10 m, polyester basket, 0.85 x 0.72 x 1.15 m (h) and basket capacity of 120 Kg. (one operator). Depending on the vehicle it uses, it can go WITH or WITHOUT STABILIZERS. We have a platform already mounted on an IVECO van ready for immediate delivery (see more info below)


* 122F: platform with work height of 12.50 m, polyester basket, 1.30 x 0.72 x 1.15 m (h) and basket capacity of 200 Kg. (two operators).


* 144TPF: platform with work height of 14.50 m, polyester basket, 1.35 x 0.78 x 1.15 (h), electrically insulated at 2,000 V and basket capacity for 200 Kg. (two operators).




  Plat. Elevadora SOBRE FURGON FRANCE ELEVATEUR 111F   FE 122   142TPF plegada 




France Elevateur also manufactures a very compact aerial work platform, with 10,5 m telescopic boom, on an open chasis vehicle and short wheelbase. The plaforms is fitted without stabilisers wich makes it very fast and easy to use. It is ideal for jobs where the up & down movement is continuous, in signal maintenance or lamp posts, when saving the stabilising manouvre is a time saving fact. Also being so compact allows the unit to fit in real narrow areas:




       Topy 10      Topy 10





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