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VRETEN Compactor-Mounted Cranes


Transgrúas sells the compactor-mounted crane manufactured in Sweden, known as V65 RECYCLING, for unloading the contents of urban waste containers in the compactor and transport to a recycling plant. The crane offers the following features:


* Hydraulic range to 6.5 m per extension, increased with collection speed.


* Column height: 600 mm, designed not to exceed the legal maximum height.


* Additional function with one dual-action cylinder and double hook for opening the containers, included as standard.


* Remote radio control.


* Crane with folded joint, in rest position, preventing the loosening of the joint.


* Mounting this crane on the trash collector is relatively simple, as it comes fully prepared from the manufacturer, only for mounting on the reinforcement plate, which has to be placed on the roof of the collector. It uses the pump equipment and power outlet of the collector.  



                                        Vreten 65




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