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At Transgruas, we are committed to quality. And the best way to guarantee quality is to offer you products from the leading brands worldwide from the sectors we serve: construction/lifts, transportation and recycling.

  • Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Cranes (FASSI)
  • Marine Cranes (FASSI)
  • Rescue Cranes (FASSI)
  • Minicranes for Light-Weight Vehicles (MAXILIFT)
  • Minicranes (JEKKO)
  • Self-Propelled Cranes (LOCATELLI)
  • Vehicles for special transportation: extendible platforms, fixed and lowered trailers, modular equipment, trailers and semi-trailers, etc. (COMETTO)
  • Lift platforms for loading/unloading trucks (ANTEO)
  • Handicapped Platforms (CAROIL)
  • Container-Carrying Equipment, Hook and Chain Equipment (MARREL)
  • Aerial Platforms: on truck and closed van (FRANCE ELEVATEUR)
  • Cranes on compactor (VRETEN)
  • (PEZZOLATO) Machinery for biomass
  • Scrap and Forestry Cranes (TAJFUN LIV)

Hydraulic accessories: operator baskets, rear stabilizers, winches, pallet carriers, clamps, dual-valves, scoops, etc. 
For more information about any of these products, consult the search: You'll find a brief description, catalogue, pictures, technical sheets, etc.